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Thursday, March 20, 2014

a walk in the woods

One of my favourite pursuits is walking in the woods. I find myself drawn to them. I was reading a book about witchcraft recently and it spoke about spirits and gods inhabiting plants and trees. Now, I'm not going to day that I am a witch or a spirit expert, but when walking in the environment provided for us by nature, I do feel an "otherness" around me which calms the innermost spirit and induces a sense of peace and stillness.

I came across this blossom adorned tree on one of my walks. It immediately reminded me of the burning bush in the story of Moses. It seemed to have a glow and an energy about it crying out across the ether and seemed have been deliberately planted in that spot (perhaps it was), waiting for someone like me to come along and photograph it.

When I see something worthy of photographing, I always take several shots from different distances and positions around it. The shot above is the only one which seemed to really work and capture some of the essence of emotion it evoked in me.

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